Computer running slow? Running out of storage space for your photos, music, and videos? Let Liberty Corner Computers upgrade your computer. Too often people think they need to replace their machines when they fill up their disk drive or their computer just isn't running the way it used to. There are many upgrades you can do to get more life out of your computer:

Everything you do with your computer happens in memory. When you load a program, including your operating system, your computer loads it from the hard drive into memory. Once in memory, your computer runs it. Having more memory not only allows you to do more at one time, it also makes your system run more smoothly. Adding more memory is one of the simplest ways to increase your computer's performance.

Adding additional storage space can be as simple as plugging in an external hard drive via a USB port. This is a great way to back up your important files. You can also upgrade your existing internal hard drive to a larger capacity drive. Larger drives allow for more storage for your photos, music, and videos.

We can also upgrade your existing disk drive to a solid state drive (SSD). These drives are much faster as there are no moving parts!

Computers come with all sorts of preinstalled software that you probably never use. Maybe you have an antivirus program that came with the computer that you are no longer using (or worse: you think it is providing protection, but its subscription has expired). You may have inadvertently installed toolbars or add-ons when installing other programs. These programs may be set to run automatically when your computer starts up. Why waste system resources (memory and processor usage) on programs you don't use?

If your desktop computer does not have a separate video card, part of your available system memory is being used for video functions. If you like to play graphics intensive games or watch video on your PC, adding a video card will make your graphics run smoother. Not only will it provide its own graphics memory, freeing up system memory, it also relieves your computer's main processor of graphics processing duties.

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